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North of Morocco : Our travel guide

Cap Spartel & Hercules Caves

Start your tour with a stroll (by car) around California neighborhood, Rmilat before arriving to the Cap Spartel. The stroll is very pleasing since you will be driving around a mountain. You can stop in Rmilat to wander in the park Perdicaris and enjoy the great views to the sea from Villa Harris.


At the right of the bottom of this route, you can reach Cap Spartel, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea cross. There, you can take some pictures and if you want to stay more you can have a cup of Moroccan tea or an orange juice in a coffee-restaurant. Back to the mirador, drive around the beach until the bottom of the route and enjoy the beautiful Tangerine beaches. If you have time, it is worth to walk down to the beach or have a short tour in a dromedary (cost around 5 dirhams).


At the bottom of this route there is the Hotel Mirage, and at the right, the Hercules Caves. The entry to the caves is free except the souvenirs shop.

Tangier Kasbah & Medina

Back to the center of Tangier from the same route, you can have lunch in the city center and then go to the Kasbah or to the Medina. We recommend to start from the Medina to see the sunset in the Kasbah.

Park your car in the parking close to the riad in rue Mohamed VI, and start your stroll walking through the main street of the Medina, Rue de la Marine, passing by Petit Socco, till the bottom, the Grand Socco in Place 9 avril, where you will find the Cinema Rif and the Commerce Court. You can visit there Les Jardins de la Mendoubia, the oldest park of Tangier.

At the right of the top of rue d’Italie, you will reach Bab el Kasbah. Inside Kasbah, you can walk around and visit Dar El Makhzen, a reconstructed palace that dates from the XVI Century, where a collection of ruins of Lixus and Volubilis is exposed.



There is a small coffee around it where a group of musicians play Andaloussi music and serve Moroccan tea. Open from 9am to 1 pm and from 3pm to 5pm. Price : 10 dhs

Hafa Coffee is at 2 minutes by car from Kasbah but 15-20 minutes by feet. You can take a taxi to go there, the minimum price is 5 dirhams. From the mirador turn left and go straight ahead till you arrive to the bottom. The street is very narrow and old. Turn left to be in a street with some cars parked around and walk straight to the Hospital el Kortobi. The Hafa is at the right, besides the beautiful Spanish houses.

The Hafa is the most famous coffee in Tangier. Tables are built in the floor, and the coffee is sort of built suspended to a cliff and has magnificent views to the sea. You don’t have a big choice drinks, but their Moroccan tea is special!

After that, you can walk back to the medina or pick up a taxi direction Boulevard Pasteur (better ask to go to Café Parisor going back to the riad. If you choose the first option then you can go to “sor el maagazin” or the “Lazy wall” where are located canyons from the XVII century and, where many people stop to contemplate the sea and Spain.

After dinner you can go for ice-cream in La Gelateria in la Corniche where you can have, in my opinion, the best ice-creams in the city and a great variety of flavors (my favorite: cherry and choco chips). This is a sort of excuse to you to go for a stroll (probably better by car if you go at night) in the Mediterranean part of the city. Honestly, there is nothing special to see there, a part the Cap Malabata. You can do it back from Chefchaouen too, if you aren’t very tired.

Other Places of interest:

  • Saint Andrews Church, the Anglican church consecrated in 1905.

  • The American Legation, (where they have turned a part of the last James Bond), is the only monument belonging to the US outside their territory (a part of the Embassies). It was a gift given to Morocco in 1821 because it was the first country to consider the USA as a country in 1777. There is an exhibition of Paul Bowles paintings and a collection of objects that prove the international and artistic past of the city.
    Open from 10 am to 1 pm and to 3 pm to 7 pm. Free entry.

Saturday in Chefchaouen

We suggest you to start your journey around 8 am. Drive carefully because it is a route in the mountains and there are a lot of trucks driving recklessly. To go to Chefchouen you need to take the route to Tetouan. After reaching Tetouan you will find in a roundabout indications to Chefchaouen. When you reach there you can park your car near Hotel Parador and a square called Place el Makhzen.

Chefchouen is particularly small but charming. You can start walking to the “Rass el Ma” where a place to wash clothes by the river is settled. You will see many women with the traditional outfit washing their clothes and carpets while discussing. There are not a plenty of things to see- visiting the city takes around 5 hours- but just the charm of the city, you can take excellent pictures there and buy nice souvenirs. The main things to see in the city are: Rass El Ma and the washing place (Rif Sebannini) – Kasbah – Place Uta-el Hammam – Gardens of the Kasbah.

Since there is an important touristic activity in Chefchouen, you will find a lot of restaurants in Uta-el-Hammam proposing you to have lunch there for a good price. We recommend Casa Hassan where many locals and tourists find a variety of Moroccan dishes for a good price and quality. It is pretty well know, so you can ask anyone there to show you how to get there.


Also, if you want to have more panoramic views of Chefchaouen you can go to the Hotel Atlas Chaouen from where you can see the city and the mountains surrounding it.

Enjoy the North!

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