Dar Souran


Les nuit sonores de tanger

The Night Sounds Tangier

The name Les Nuits Sonores is reminiscent of Lyon, but this festival takes also place in Tangiers. Its 3rd edition is planned in October 2015, from the 8th to the 11th, and like the previous ones, it is completely free. Why shouldn’t you miss this festival? An eclectic program, from[…]

Plage de tanger

The beaches and the surroundings of Tangiers

The successful tourism in North Africa and Morocco is mainly due to their beach resorts. In the surrounding areas of Tangiers you can find large beaches with sand dunes in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as fine sandy beaches with crystalline water in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a place[…]

Musée de la Kasbah

The Kasbah and its museum, Dar-el-Makhzen

Kasbah is the name given to a citadel. That is, to a fortified building used for military purposes. However, in the broad sense of the word, Kasbah is also the old town of many North African cities such as Rabat, Sousse, Algiers and Tangiers. It was built in the 12th[…]

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