Dar Souran


4 cathedrals and churches to visit in Tangier

During your stay in Dar Souran you could discover the churches and cathedrals that are part of the architectural heritage of the city. We propose you a list of the four best places of worship in Tangier.

The Cathedral of Our Lady Asuncion of Tangiers

This Catholic cathedral located in the North of Morocco was built in 1961 and designed by the architect Luis Martínez Feduchi Ruiz and it hosts the Archdioceses of Tangier. The cathedral is dedicated to Asuncion Maria. It is known as the Spanish cathedral for its particular architecture and its great stained glasses made by the Spanish artist Arcadio Blasco.

The Anglican Church Saint Andrew’s

Don’t miss this architectural jewel of Tangier, a unique place of worship. The church was built in 1880 and it distinguishes itself for its Moorish architecture. It is an unavoidable place in Tangier. A bell dominates its tower and a prayer in Arabic is projected in the superior part of its door. Take some time to visit the cemetery and have a look at its outstanding tombstones.

The church of Saint Marie-Jeanne

This church is the proof of the harmonious cohabitation between Moroccan and Spanish people in Tangier. It is a well-preserved church that attracts many visitors with its charm. Decorated with original paintings and a beautiful bell tower, this church invites to meditation and spiritual retreat. Furthermore, it constitutes one of the most important places to visit in Tangier and attracts many visitors seeking for intimate and authentic places.

Spanish Catholic mission

The church of the Purísima, which means literally the purest, was the residence of the Franciscan of the Catholic mission in 1871. Dedicated to the worship to the Virgen Mary, this church is known for its two large overlapped windows and its bronze dome. Its history and its beauty make it a place of worship unavoidable in Tangier.

During your stay in Tangier you will find a great selection of places of worship beside the churches, cathedrals and mosques. In fact, you will be able to discover the synagogues of Tangier such as Chaar Rafael and Chaar Nahon, whose charm seduces more than one visitor.

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