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Moroccan craftwork

Discovering Moroccan craftwork in Tangier

Moroccan craftwork is constantly evolving since it is the product of a subtle alliance with authenticity, tradition and modernity. Its origins date back to the 5th century B.C.E., it is a heritage from the Berbers tribes established in the North of Morocco. They had been actually the first merchants to trade handicrafts. The Alawi and Saadi dynasties followed them and each one left its footprint in the current craftwork.

Moroccan craftwork constitutes an important cultural element and a heritage that was transmitted through many generations. Its forms and its diverse materials reveal the creativity of the Berber and Arab cultures.

The places of interest where the Moroccan craftwork is more visible are really authentic. We propose you some of the best places to discover it in Tangier.

The Blacksmith’s street in the district of «Khosafat» is a must for anyone who wants to visit Tangier and its crafts’ places. Blacksmith’s crafts are a subtle combination of the Andalusian and Italian influences with their variety of colors. Blacksmiths make tables, banisters and chairs. Not very far from there, you can visit the district “Charf”, the craftwork headquarter of the city. There you will find more precisely basket weavers who make diverse products with wicker such as baskets, sofas, chairs and hats.

We suggest you to visit as well the embroidery shops in “Grand Socco”, where you will find some of the handmade marvels: tablecloth, pillows, bed sheet, traditional Moroccan dresses (caftan) and coats (djelaba)… such a great diversity of products!

Don’t miss either the weaver’s market in “Founduk Chejra” where you can buy handicraft rugs, blankets, tablecloth and some fabric.

And for those who seek more originality, the concept stores in the Kasbah offer craft decoration and fashion designs. These cosy little stores represent a novel way to discover Moroccan craftwork. In the concept store Tiziri Zen, for example, you will find among others, women accessories, household linen, decoration, rugs, and mirors.

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