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Eight things you shouldn’t miss in Tangier

Tangier, an old beautiful city in front of the Strait of Gibraltar, is the beating heart of Morocco. It is a city of artists from different disciplines such as Mark Twain or Henri Matisse. This harbor city wants to host someday the most important port of the Mediterranean region. It is a mythical city full of history that is walking towards the future.

Tangier is beating, energetic and combines culture with nightlife and tourism with tradition. The city is an extraordinary destination that has maintained its authenticity, spirit and perfumes of spices and mint on a modernization era. Thus, it offers to its visitors a great diversity of activities and the comfort of big cities. Here we present you eight things that you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Tangier.

1-Getting lost in the streets of the old town

2-Having a cup of mint tea in the Hafa terrace

3-Listening to Arab-Andalusian music in the Café du Détroit in the Kasbah

4-Taking a selfie in Cape Spartel

5-Having a camel ride in the sandy beaches of Achakar

6-Visiting the park Rmilat

7- Taking a photo in the ‘‘slothful people’’ square

8-Surfing the Atlantic waves

The Northern region has even more to offer in terms of exotic and different landscapes. The adventure continues in the neighboring cities of Tangier. In the middle of the valley, Tetouan, the white dove, seduces with the richness of its histories, its ruins, the diversity of its architecture and its medina which is a World Heritage Site.

Asilah, located around 40 km from Tangiers, is particularly charming and is a place where you can spend an ideal day on the cost. Finally, Chefchaouen, the famous blue city, which is around 600 meters of altitude, it has beautiful mountainous landscapes and natural sites that you can visit.

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