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Med Cop : Tangier a future sustainable city ?

Tangier is getting ready to host the second edition of the Med COP. More than 2 000 experts, decision-makers and economic players aware of the importance of the Mediterranean region, which is becoming a climatic hub, will be meeting in Tangier on July 18th and 19th. They will be discussing and proposing solutions to make local initiatives meet the Sustainable Development Goals. The idea is to highlight the role of local authorities, companies and civil society as sustainable development players.  During these two days, conferences, debates, workshops, and meetings will be held. Also, their partners and sponsors will be organizing side events. The meeting would conclude with an environmental agenda adapted to the particular challenges of the Mediterranean region.

Furthermore, this month of July started with launch of the construction of the « Sustainable Development Villa » in Tangier. His Majesty King Mohamed VI has inaugurated the building of this space dedicated to the environment, that aims to raise awareness on the issues linked to sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Villa will have a space dedicated to education and exhibition, a smart place, a botanical garden and a room for compost. 

Tangier is getting a great advantage by taking these initiatives linked to sustainable development in the Mediterranean region. This advantage could help to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism.

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