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One week in the north of Morocco

Are you spending one week in Tangier and you want to visit the region? We have selected for you a couple of cities and villages that we consider interesting to visit. Thus, you can have a stay that combines culture and a variety of landscapes.


Asilah is a small city located 46 km far from Tangier, whose white houses can make you feel you are in some Greek island. However, the numerous Spanish tapas and fish restaurants will remind you that you are in a place that was Spanish, many years after belonging to different civilizations.


In fact, the Phoenician funded Asilah, then it became a colony of the Carthaginians, of the Romans, and one of the most important places for Arab’s businesses before being a Portuguese colony. From this period remain the city walls that encircle the Old town, which is known for its white houses and the pavement of its streets. A great place to have a stroll, visit an exceptional cemetery built in front of the sea, and have good Spanish paella and some fresh fish.

Moulay Bousselham

If you love nature, then you should go 100 km from Tangier to Moulay Bousselham where there is Merja Zerga, a great lake that constitutes one of the most important humid zones of the country because it hosts a great variety of migratory birds. In fact, the 20 000 ha lake, counts with more than 100 species of water birds and 190 vegetal species.


Moreover, since Moulay Bousselham is in the cost, it has two great beaches where you can catch good waves to surf.


As we have said it in our Guide to the North of Morocco in two days, Chaouen is a very small city but very charming. It could be a good spot to take a rest before going to the village of Akchour to visit its superb falls and the Natural Reserve of Talassamtane.


The city of Tétouan is located right in the hillside of the Dersa. It doesn’t deserve a visit just for its spectacular Mediterranean beaches, but also for the history and the charm of its Old town or Medina, with its narrow streets and Moresque-Spanish architecture. You could start the visit in the square of Hassan II, the liveliest one of the city, and immerge in the narrow streets of the medina. You shouldn’t miss the old Jewish neighborhood, the Mellah, and its tight streets with colorful tiles of the doors and windows.


There you can find many typical shops. Also, if you like arts and crafts, you can visit the school of crafts of Tetouan, where many crafts disciplines are taught (wood, ceramics, leather, wool). Moreover, if you are on a Thursday, you could go to the market of Khemis el Anjra, where many artisans of the region meet.

If you like trekking, we recommend you to do a journey to Oued Laou. After crossing the valley of Martil, you will find the slopes of the Rif, in the middle of pine trees and inlets of the Moroccan cost. When you arrive to the village of Oued Laou, you can rest in the beach and dive in its limpid waters.

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