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Perdicaris Park

Perdicaris Park: the natural site to visit in Tangier

The Perdicaris Park extends in an area of 70 hectares between the sea and the mountain. Known also under the name Rmilat, it offers a great natural and cultural richness. It was an old property of a US diplomat but now it belongs to the Moroccan State, which is in charge of its maintenance and preservation.

A strengthened identity and a unique history

The Perdicaris Park bears the name of the Greek-US diplomat, Ion Perdicaris, who acquired the property in 1872 to settle with his family. In that same park he built a house to live comfortably and enjoy the nature of the site with his wife. The couple’s destiny changed in 1924 when Ion Perdicaris was kidnapped by Ahmed Raïssouni.

Ahmed Raïssouni demanded a ransom to liberate the US citizen. After many negotiations, Ion Perdicaris was liberated. This excruciating experience persuaded him to leave Tangier and go back to the US with his wife. The park belongs since then to the Moroccan State which is in charge of its maintenance and conservation.

A place for discovery and stroll

The Perdicaris Park seduces with its vegetation and the variety of bird species it hosts. It is an ideal place in Tangier to ressource one’s energies, spend time with the family, have a picnic and a stroll or to exercise. In fact, there are various facilities in the park that offer a great comfort to its visitors and diverse work out activities. For those who love nature, this park is an opportunity to enjoy its lush vegetation, the mountains surrounding it and the sea that completes this irreplaceable place.

This site is a natural break for the locals and the tourists who seek fascinating places. Moreover, there are various cafes around that propose visitors to have a foodie break.

If you want to have a complete visit of this neighborhood you could go the Spartel Cap and the Atlantic beaches.

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