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rock da kasbah

Rock da Kasbah at Las Chicas

Rock da Kasbah is a t-shirt brand from Tangier which became famous for its t-shirts with the Moroccan taxis logo: “Petit Taxi” & “Grand Taxi. These t-shirts are worn by many Moroccan celebrities.

Among other collections of Rock da Kasbah, we love the t-shirts with messages such as “Wa5a”, which means OK in Arabic written with Latin letters, as well as the last one with cheese brand “La vache qui rit”. We can also find sweatshirts and shopping bags.

The concept store Las Chicas in Bab Kasbah offers the basic t-shirts of the brand and exposes regularly their new collections.

Address: 52 rue Kacem Guennoun, Porte de la Kasbah. 90000 Tanger

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday : 10.30 a.m. – 7.30 p.m.

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