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Scuba diving in Tangier

Scuba diving in Tangier : Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea ?

The North of Morocco has two great diving spots, located mainly in the Mediterranean Sea. The sea beds surrounding the Strait of Gibraltar are very interesting. You should take advantage of your stay in Tangier to go scuba diving.

The characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean

The Mediterranean Sea is intercontinental and almost entirely closed. Its average depth is around 1500 m, but in some place of the North of Morocco it reaches 25 m. The current is relatively strong and the water fresh, with in-depth temperatures surrounding 16°C and 25-28°C in the surface. The extension of the sea is about 3 million km2 and hosts between 10 000 and 12 000 species. Among the main differences between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, there are the colour of the Mediterranean, which is close to a tropical sea, as well as its lower depths as compared to the ones of the Ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean is not known for its calm waters. The temperature of its superficies varies between 15 and 23 °C during the year. The average depth of the Atlantic Ocean is around 4 000 m, but in the cost of Tangier it reaches only 50 m. The fresh waters of the Atlantic favour the presence of diverse fish species such as the hake, the lobster, the gilthead bream, the bonito as well as shrimps.

Where can you go scuba diving in Tangiers ?

Tangier has one of the best bays in the Mediterranean region, so the best scuba diving spots of the city are located in the Mediterranean part. The fauna of this zone is characterized by the abundance of groupers, barracudas, skates, carangids, dolphins, morays… The seamount is impressing, it has great rocks covered with anemones that are home to branchiate. The Mediterranean depth has everything to captivate devotees to the marine biodiversity and to photography.


You will find in Tangier some scuba diving centres in different places, specially in Malabata Cap. In Achakar or Océan Plage there are other centres that offer scuba diving sessions for beginners and courses under the perfect supervision of a professional. Beginners will be given the main instructions and all the information needed to practice this activity safely.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover scuba diving in Morocco, and to live a unique experience under the sea of Tangier !

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