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Tangier guide during Ramadan

Are you staying a couple of days in Tangier during Ramadan?

Get ready to see a very authentic side of Tangier and live a unique cultural experience that only Ramadan can shape!

During this lunar month, locals live more at night. In the morning most of shops are closed (coffees, bazars, shops) since they remain open until late at night, some open in the afternoon. The morning is the perfect moment to enjoy the beaches since they are completely empty, and we are not exaggerating ! Since most of locals fast, they cannot go to the beach during the day and the usually get there when the sun starts to slowly set, just some hours before ftour or breakfast. We recommend you the beaches of Sol, Acahakar and Metragaz, where the water is clear and there are dunes of sand. In the enormous beach of Metragaz you can also have an exquisite lunch in the restaurant l’Océan where Philippe and Olivier propose fresh fish every day, a delicious tomatoes and anchovies, a unequalled risotto and a great variety of grilled fish and meat. If the beach plan doesn’t really suit you, you can also go to the pool in the club la Piscine, in the beach of Metragaz.

We recommend you to have lunch in Kasbah at the Morocco Club that opens every day its terrace from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 a.m. There you can have a refreshing drink, tapas or a light lunch. Its restaurant also opens at 7.30 p.m. Don’t miss this address where the chef fuses Moroccan gastronomy together with creativity and originality. Moreover, on Thursday they serve fresh oysters from the port of Dakhla.

After a relaxing bath in the hammam of the Riad, we propose you to immerge into the environment of Ramadan with a ftour or breakfast in some restaurant in Tangier. The ftour is the main meal during this sacred month. People generally break the fast with a glass of water and some dates, followed by a bowl of harira, which is a typical tomato soup of the Moroccan gastronomy, and chabakia, a very nutritious honey biscuit. During breakfast, many Moroccan specialties are served, so it is the best opportunity for you to taste a bit of all.

However, you should have something very light for lunch to enjoy a maximum your ftour! Close to the Riad Dar Souran, the majestic Villa de France proposes a buffet with a great variety of Moroccan specialties that you can savor in the terrace while enjoying the beautiful sights of the Mediterranean Sea and the Medina.

When locals have finished their prayers and meals, shops and coffees open, the streets get full of people of all ages and a special energy covers the city. Don’t miss this environment and enjoy a stroll in the narrow streets of the Medina and the markets where greengrocer deal about prices and quality with inhabitants. In the Kasbah, the Hafa coffee becomes a theatre of ludo players, who get there to play and drink mint green tea. You can also walk around the renovated promenade in Malabata where many locals go for a stroll, exercise or have an ice cream. Don’t worry about the hour, since the lively and dynamic atmosphere remains until 1.00 a.m. or even later!

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