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Gran Socco

The Gran Socco : the junction between the traditional Medina and the modern city

Gran Socco is a square worth visiting in Tangier because it is located between the traditional pittoresques neighborhoods and the modern urban ones. Moreover, this place starts in the Mendubia’s garden, where locals and tourists make a break to stare at the oldest rubber tree of Africa.

The history of the Gran Socco

The Gran Socco Square is also known under the name April 9th 1947 square. It is a lively square, a junction between the old town and the city. Its name has two origins : one that comes from the word « souk » which means market, and the other one is related to the reason of its fame. The King Mohamed V had chosen this place to make the Independence Declaration of Morocco to France and also to announce the success of the independence project to his nation, on April 9th 1947. Those who have some time left while visiting this square can make a break to visit the Mosque of Sidi Bou Abid, founded in 1917.

Moreover, The French Novelist Joseph Kessel found his inspiration in this place to write his work entitled in honor of it, « Grand Socco », published in 1952. The Gran Socco is therefore an unavoidable place to visit in Tangier.

The best places to go in April 9th 1947 square

The Gran Socco Square hosts an indoor market, which is one of the best places to visit in Tangier. In this market, merchants offer diverse fresh seasonal products: fruits, vegetables, flowers, olives, spices and so on. Lively colors are displayed in this place that make foodies joyful. Besides the market, there are many cafes and terraces in this square where one could make a break to rest. The famous film archive Rif is also unavoidable in this place. It is an institution that organizes multiple festivals of the 7th art as part of its mission to develop the cinematographic culture in the country.

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