Dar Souran

Rallye Aicha des gazelles

The Rally Aicha des Gazelles in Morocco : an extraordinary experience

The variety of cultural events that are organized in Morocco every year enrich its culture, a culture that is diverse. Thus, many cities such as Tangier or Casablanca become more and more attractive for tourists. What is more, some cultural events are held since many years and have become a cultural reference in the country such as the rally Aicha des Gazelles. If you are planning to visit Tangier during your stay in the riad Dar Souran and/or the rest of the country in the month March, don’t miss this rally 100% off-piste.

The rally Aicha des Gazelles: a unique concept

The rally Aicha des Gazelles in Morocco is a competition that integrates an environmentally-friendly perspective in terms of organization and charity through the association Coeur des Gazelles that organizes this event. It is a 100% female rally that started in 1990 and since then, every year gathers women from around 20 different countries, amateurs and professionals, from 18 to 71 years old, to experience an eight days adventure race.

The idea is quite simple. The objective is to go through a maximum number of checkpoints in the shortest route. That is, riding the minimum miles possible to reach the maximum number of checkpoints. For that, participants define their itinerary with traditional navigation techniques: maps, compass and a great sense of direction. The security of participants is although guaranteed by high-tech devices.

A race for sustainable development

Since its main goal is to the shortest race possible to go through the maximum number of checkpoints, the rally Aicha des Gazelles occupies an important position among the environmentally-friendly events in Morocco. Aicha des Gazelles is the first rally race to obtain the ISO14001 certification in 2010. Furthermore, all the participants share the values of solidarity, endurance and tolerance.

Beyond the sustainable dimension, this event is very funny and entertaining. The rally Aicha des Gazelles is one of this activities that you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Morocco.

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