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traditional Moroccan Hammam

The Thousand and One virtues of Hammam

The traditional Moroccan Hammam is a body purification ritual based on high heat and humidity. It acts on the body like a rejuvenation therapy and it is recommended especially after a physical activity or to relax. It combines oriental rituals and ancestral methods that favour many healthy virtues. We present you some of them!

1. Combating stress

Traditional Moroccan hammam has beneficial effects on mood since it helps relaxation in a peaceful place, isolated from noises. The environment of the place and the combination of heat and humidity relax muscles and free the body from the daily stress.

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2. A detox therapy
The temperature inside the hammam is around 50°C, so the vapour of the water helps skin pores open. This sweating mechanism evacuates efficiently toxins and skin spots.


3. Stimulating blood flow
A session of a vapour bath followed by a cold shower creates a contrast of temperature, which stimulates blood circulation and revives the metabolism. Thus, you will feel an invigorating sensation full of energy!

4. Cleaning the skin

Humidity softens the roughness on the skin surface and eliminates its dead cells. The effects of hammam on skin’s beauty are multiplied with the black soap scrubbing. At the end of a hammam session, the body is deeply purified and the skin is softer.

5. Revitalizing the hair
Applying a nourishing mask on a clean and wet hair is one of the best solutions to soften it. The ambient heat of the hammam helps the active ingredients of the mask repair deeply the hair fibre, which faces diverse external aggressions. Dry, coloured and curly hairs are repaired and become toned.

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6. Boosting sleep
One of the most known benefits of hammam is that it boosts sleep. Under the action of high temperatures, the body releases endorphins, which favour a better physical and mental relaxation.

Now that you know all these virtues of hammam, are you curious about it?

Give place to the charm of the hammam of Dar Souran and enjoy the serenity and comfort of our guesthouse. Don’t wait too long to live a unique well-being experience and enjoy after that a light appetizer in our rooftop with panoramic views.

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