Dar Souran

Your patio

  • Maison d'hôte Tanger
  • chambre d'hôte tanger
  • Chambre d'hôte à tanger
  • Maison d'hôtes Tanger
  • Maison de luxe tanger medina

During your visit to Tangiers you can enjoy your meals in the rooftop, organize parties or just embrace yourself in the mythic environment of the Tangerine medina. There are hundreds of ways to take advantage of such pleasant rooftop. Its breathtaking view makes of it an idyllic place to enjoy the energetic environment of the medina while sharing an appetizer with friends or having a romantic dinner. All around you, Tangiers reveals its colorful and lively architecture. During the warmest hours of the day, take a deck chair and relax in the shade of a parasol.

The rooftop is the most valuable asset of this guest house in Tangier, and without a doubt, it’s certainly the place where you will spend most of your time during your visit to Tangiers.


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